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Feb 20, 2024


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Andrew Lincoln
This is the first time I've ever given feedback because I enjoy this game so much. Perfect amount of challenge and simplicity. I bought the ad-free upgrade almost immediately because I know I'll be spending hours on this thing. No paywalls that I've noticed. Very mild ads imo and the $4-ish upgrade removes even those. Just a solid challenging time waster with a great art style. 10/10
Hayden Weaver
This is game is so fun!!! Drawing little shapes to eliminate mosters to protect yourself, skins, bundles, skip it's, endless mode, power ups, bosses, and so much more that I can't even keep up with all this! Its got barely any ads and even the ads you choose to watch some times you can skip. This games a keeper! I totally recommend it!
Honestly since the play store has been looking a bit like a barren wasteland when it comes to good games with thought out behind them, it's such a refreshing feeling finding a good solid game. I'll break it down without spoiling to much. The advertisements are delt with in such a well done way. The gameplay is honestly perfectly balanced especially when it comes to the difficulty in the higher levels and the stronger spells. All around great game with a beautiful amount of thought put into it.
I must say, I may be on only level 20 and may eat my words, but this is amazing! I've only had this game for a couple of days and it's really addicting, with the cat outfits, the abilities, and especially the shapes, it all makes something stellar! I'm not a cat person, but this game definitely changed that. Congratulations on making an amazing game!
Maria Velandia
Honestly, this game is great! I love how you have a cat defeat monsters and bosses just with shapes to draw. It can also get challenging when you're in a boss battle and when you don't know the shapes or new shapes you haven't seen appear, which is perfect for a game or else it'll get too easy. But it still has upgrades like shield, health, randomizer and more. Plus, just to add, it has endless levels! So it never ends! I'm not sure if it's a no-wifi game or not but I'll figure it out!
Amber Pineda
Really nice. It basically warns you before they show ads and even gives you tickets to skip them sometimes, I really appreciate that. I have yet to get bored, this is a really fun game that doesn't get boring no matter how much levels you do at a time! I love how new things gradually get added and it doesn't overwhelm you by introducing the idea all at once. The ability to practice (outside of chapters) the more complicated shapes would be nice.
Lucas Nickell
Very fun game! Simple, and the abilities feel powerful. I do wish that it was explained that you can cancel time slow tho so you don't use its whole duration at once. Also, funny bug, but if you do an endless mode run when hovering over a cash stage (and possibly danger, haven't tested), the endless run enemies will have a few quirks similar to the cash mode; namely, none of the enemies are poison and none of the enemies (except the mini bosses) will lock your abilities, making it much easier.
Norah Krautter
This game is AMAZING! So essentially, you are fending off a cat by drawing things that match up with the monsters. There are lots of abilities and upgrades to buy from and tons of levels. It is challenging but not rage enducing! Best of all: you can customize (and pet) the cat! There are bearly any adds, and when there are adds, they are skippable! 10/10 would recommend!
This game is great, for one reason that is extremely important: it's honest. Tons of other games will pack ads in galore wherever, and even if you opt for the non-ad multiplier option or whatever, there's a 50/50 they give you one anyways. This one gives you the option of an ad to multiply coins or you'll get an ad every 3 levels. It tells you this outright, and doesn't trick you into them. Not to mention you can pet the cat, and the game is very fun. To the makers of this game, cudos

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